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The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test is offered once a year, usually in November, to District 214 students. It is a test that is used by the U.S. Army to determine whether you are qualified to enlist and helps determine which jobs you would qualify for. It is administered by the Department of Defense. The contact information of the students taking the test is used by the DoD in their recruiting efforts.

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In 2007 we were interviewed by two researchers for a book on counter recruiting. That was extraordinary by itself. We had no expectation that they would ever finish the book or if they did that it would be published. Well, low and behold, they did and it was.

The book is "Counter Recruitment and the Campaign to Demilitarize Public Schools" by Scott Harding and Seth Kershner. The book is a bit pricey; around $100. One of our allies got his school library to purchase the book and so we were able to borrow it. Click on this link to download and read one of the chapters in which we are featured. Please encourage your local library to purchase a copy. And if you happen to purchase a copy, please let us know!



Northwest Suburban Peace & Education Project has been following this issue for a number of months. Our tabling theme for April was drones; specifically drone warfare. We put together this factsheet. Feel free to download and share. And checkout some of the following websites: Tulsa Peace Fellowship, Code Pink, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and Drones Watch. There is a very powerful video on the website Living Under Drones Link to it here. And this piece that aired on NBC on October 29 - "Eyes In The Sky".

Link to this article about domestic drones published in the New York Times.

This article examines the psychological toll that drone warfare is taking.

Link to an interactive graph of drone strikes in Pakistan.

We hosted a forum and panel discussion in September. Link to a report here.

In June of 2013, a short article appeared in the Chicago Tribune - “States Quit School Data Plan Amid Parents’ Privacy Fears”. This immediately caught our attention. We learned that a database was being developed by a non-profit organization called inBloom and that this project was being underwritten by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at a cost of $100 million. We protecting-your-computeralso learned that many of the states that had originally signed on to participate in this project had withdrawn out of concern for student privacy.

The database purports to track around 400 different data points. Many are things that the school already tracks such as name, birthdate, test scores. But it is also tracking more sensitive data points; things such as disciplinary records, learning disabilities, IEP, health records, even teachers’ assessments of a child’s character. Moreover, it is a “longitudinal” database which means it tracks data over time. The stated purpose is to “improve learning outcomes”. All this data will be combined into a computerized dashboard. The individual teacher should be able to pull up all this data; identify individual student problems; and adjust teaching methods.

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tableSchedule for the 2015-2016 school year

First Tuesday of the Month: Rolling Meadows High School

Second Tuesday of the Month: Wheeling High Schoo

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Monday, August 14, 2017
Monthly planning meeting, 7:00 PM at the South Church, 501 South Emerson in Mt. Prospect. All are welcome. For questions contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Do we want high schools in the northwest suburbs of Chicago to be a place for peace . . .

Teenagers make many decisions about their futures: education, careers, and life commitments. Parents, families, teachers and counselors provide support, encouragement and ideas. Other people talk with young people and tell them: enlist in the military. These people are military recruiters.

For a non-military recruiter view listen to an interview with two professionals "Should We End Military Recruitment in High Schools as a Matter of Child Protection and Public Health?"

Does it bother you that an 18 year old can sign a military enlistment contract that commits him/her to a term of 8 years (4 years active; 4 years reserve) without the consent of their parent or guardian?

Does it concern you that, unless parents instruct schools otherwise in writing, the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to turn over to military recruiters the contact information of every 11th and 12th grade student?

Are you aware that military recruiters from each branch of the service visit every high school in Township District 214 (in the northwest suburbs of Chicago) every month?

Do you know that the Pentagon  maintains a marketing database used for targeted recruitment of young people and that the information comes from the state driver's license bureau, marketing surveys, high school records and the Selective Service?

Do you sometimes think that the issue of peace has been completely eliminated from public debate and discourse?

If you care about these issues, you share the concerns of anti-war community members, students, parents, veterans and teachers in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and, specifically, Township District 214. We call ourselves counter-recruiters. In 2004, after the invasion of Iraq, a group of us came together to counter what we felt was the growing militarization of the schools in the Chicago area and the northwest suburbs. What do we do?

  • We talk to students in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago about the realities of military life and war so young people will better understand what they're getting into when talking with recruiters . We encourage them to think critically, search for more information and then make up their own minds.
  • We present career alternatives that show young people a way to learn valuable skills, find adventure, pay for higher education and serve others.
  • We provide resources for young people to reinforce values of critical thinking, youth leadership, dialogue and non-violence.
  • We inform and educate the public on issues of student privacy and militarism in the schools.
  • We work with community peace activists to inform and educate the public and sponsor a lively debate on what's happening in the world.

Join with us and become a counter-recruiter.