Tabling at RMHS September 7, 2010

Esther and I tabled at Rolling Meadows on Tuesday, September 7.

Most visitors to the table were freshmen.  They clearly had no clue about current events.  One girl said she was going to join the army.  She had no reason for doing so.  We gave her the brochure for girls.  Esther encouraged her to go to college before joining the military.

One of the major foci at the table was the question of why we are in Afghanistn and Iraq.  We provided sheets of paper and pens for writing thoughts on the subject.  Most responses were along the lines of “to kill the bad people.”

A few students wrote something about peace.  Some appeared to think fighting was intended to lead to peace.  Others wanted peace rather than war.

One security person visited with a rant against the proposed Muslim community center in Manhattan.  I guess she’s disappointed that the right-wingers in Gainesville decided not to burn Korans this coming Saturday.

The primary interest students had in our table was, of course, free candy.  *sigh*


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