Passing out flyers for our upcoming event – August 3, 2012

This is another example of what makes the work in the schools worthwhile: So, the other day I was out and about passing out flyers for The Invisible War when I ran into a girl from EGHS and she says: “oh, you’re the lady that comes to my school and because of what you told me I’m not going in the military after graduation!”

She tells me that I talked with her and gave her the brochures about women in the military and the dangers they face every day from their fellow military personal. Apparently our talk and her actually reading the brochures she was given seems to have (almost) made her decision 100% against joining – then her mom saw the brochures and said: ‘no-way you’re not enlisting!!’

The encounter ended with a hug and her taking extra flyers I was passing out to give to friends…


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