tabling at RMHS September 4, 2012

We conducted a mock presidential election. The ballots allowed students to vote for anyone they chose to support, whether an official candidate or not.  Votes were secret and ballots were collected in a decorative bag.  Representatives of NWSUBPEP did not discuss candidates with students or advise them in any way how to vote.  The vast majority of participating students were under 18 years old.  Representatives of NWSUBPEP did not ask students how they had voted or why; nor did NWSUBPEP volunteers examine ballots before they were dropped into the bag.

When the ballots were counted, it was observed that two students had voted for both LeBron James and Barack Obama.  The counts below include both votes.  Those students’ comment is listed under both candidates.

The results of the mock election were:

Barack Obama   34
Mitt Romney     8
LeBron James    3
Me                         1

On the ballots, students were invited (but not required) to explain their choices in writing.  Some chose not to write an explanation; many wrote a comment.  Their comments were as follows, in random order, by candidate:


“I’m sure not choosing Mitt Romney.”
“Because he is changing many things in America”
“he’s a nice person”
“he’s a good person”
“cause [sic] I like what he’s doing for the U.S [sic]”
“Supports gay marriage”
“Although I object to him not being pro life or pacifist or more progressive I really support the health care law and it did not go far enough.  He supports immigration reform, gay marriage, ending Afghanistan”
“Because he is not Mitt Romney, and he’s democrat [sic], and he’s black.”
“In my opinion he is better than Romney.”
“B/c he’s not Romney”
“he was ours be for . . .  I don’t [sic] know much about it.”
“B/c I totally disagree with Romney”
“Because hes [sic] my hero”
“he needs more time to fix things”
“Because he’s best.”
“He cares for the little people J”
“He accomplished a lot than oher [sic] presidents”
“I think he is the most open to new ideas.”
“He’s a good president.”
“He’s the King”
“Hes [sic] nice to America”


“I Hate Obama”
“Parents [sic] view”
“Because Obama made it worse and I do not think he will improve he contery [sic]”
“Because he’ll Be Better for economy.”
“because Obama makes the economy more hard”


“He’s the King”
“Hes [sic] nice to America”
“hes [sic] great”

Esther and Lynne

Report written by Lynne Kelley

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