tabling at Elk Grove High School January 27, 2011

Today our first encounter at EGHS was a warm greeting and introduction from the new school psychologist offering us bottles of water…that was a wonderful first!

Again, most students coming to our table indicated little or no mention in any of their classes of Martin Luther King and knew little of what he accomplished before being assassinated; even though they had a day off commemorating him. Many of the flyers Libby had put together re significant MLK quotes were handed out today at EGHS, as well as, at JHHS yesterday. The cube/quote game was a success with only a few students actually recognizing any of the quotes…but we had fun with it anyway and King was brought to their attention.

We had a set of twins visit our table today for the first time – it was a pleasure meeting the girls; they seemed quite interested and I’m sure will be back from time to time.

Other than the few obnoxiously annoying kids that love to harass our table and steal handfuls of candy every month; the day went well and was fairly uneventful until—the very end. The bell was about to ring on the close of the last lunch period of the day when a young man named John came over and introduced himself to us as the son of an Anti-War – LBGT activist. John’s dad had been just a teenage kid himself when he was brutalized by grown armed men that were supposed to protect him. John’s dad was one of the many people attacked and hospitalized due to the beating he received at the hands of the Chicago police while outside the 1968 Democratic Convention. We look forward to visiting again with John and hope he and/or his father will write a piece for our zine re his dad’s experiences and how his activism has affected their family. We remarked on what a lucky kid John is to have someone share those experiences with him. Meanwhile the bell rang, we quickly exchanged information, Lynne wrote him a hall pass (he was now late for his class) and hope he and his dad will be contacting us!

- Esther

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