Tabling at Rolling Meadows HS September 6, 2011

The high school freshmen this fall don’t remember a world or their nation before 9/11. For them, living in a nation at war is normal. These kids have no idea what living in peace means! One of the 9th graders asked me, “what on earth our nation would do if it didn’t have a war to fight?” What indeed?  BTW, nobody I talked to today, whether faculty or student or staff, had any idea why the US is at war in Afghanistan.

Lots and lots of students came to the table. Frosh and sophs. We had so much interesting stuff on the table that it was a challenge for one person to manage it all with a steady stream of students. (Because September 21 is International Peace Day we decided to use that as our theme for September tabling and made cranes out of origami paper.) One young man tried to show me how to make an origami crane that flapped its wings. The students really liked the new buttons and the peace patches. It was fun to see kids walking around with peace buttons and patches on their shirts.


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