Alternatives to enlistment

It is our firm belief, based on many conversations with students and our own experience as parents, that many, if not most students (including those that are planning to go to college) do not know what they want to do after high school. Despite the fact that nearly 80 percent of seniors state they expect to graduate from a four-year college, only about one-third enroll in a four-year college within a year of graduation, and only 35 percent of those who enroll receive a bachelor's degree within six years. (Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago, April 20, 2006).

At most high schools the focus is on the college-bound student. Largely this is a resource issue. The counselor to student ratio in Illinois is 690; fifth worst in the country. That leaves a large community of underserved students.

We provide information and resources that give students ideas for ways in which to serve their country, find adventure, get out on their own, mature and find their own way in life.

Here are some of the resources we employ -->

ItsMyLife"It's My Life" details alternative options to military service that still satisfy a taste for adventure and commitment to high ideals. Order copies from the American Friends Service Committee,


The 'Hookup in Illinois' is thirty-eight pages filled with many local and national career opportunities: peaceful jobs and careers that offer what the mIllinoisilitary promises -- without giving up your rights and supporting the war machine. The booklet also includes career planning, personal growth, youth leadership and independent living.

Free download available.


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