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Counter Recruitment

Ten Points To Consider Before You Sign A Military Enlistment Agreement 

Do You Know Enough To Enlist?

The Military's Not Just A Job; It's Eight Years Of Your Life!

GI Rights Hotline Cards

Thinking Of Joining The US Military To Gain Citizenship?

Getting Out of the Delayed Enlistment Program

Military Enlistment Contract

Questions for Military Recruiters

Sgt Abe - the Honest Recruiter - Explains the Enlistment Contract

Sgt Abe - the Honest Recruiter - Talks to Parents

Why Lying on Enlistment Forms is a BAD Idea   Page 1          Page 2

Know Before You Go

Post 9/11 GI Bill

Military Recruitment: Information for School Guidance Counselors

Conscientious Objection

Should I Register For the Draft?

Who Is A Conscientious Objector?

Registration and Basic Draft Information

Instructions for Civilians on Becoming a Conscientious Objector

Women & The Military

What Every Girl Should Know About the U.S. Military

How Militarism Equals Violence Against Women

Career Alternatives

Great Careers and College Money - English

Great Careers and College Money - Spanish

A Few Examples Of Careers In Peacemaking And Social Change

It's Time to Teach Peace

Ways to Make Money

Credit Through Examination

Finding Green Careers

Finding Adventure Careers

Finding a Career in Small Business

Finding a Technical Career

Careers in Peacemaking and Social Change


JAMRS Fact Sheet and Opt Out Forms

Know Your Rights

High School Students' Rights








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