Military enlistment

it's eight years of your life

Download this article  from Project YANO (Youth and Non-military Opportunities) entitled "The Military's Not Just A Job: It's Eight Years of Your Life"

Facts about military enlistment

 The following questions and answers about military enlistment were compiled by the American Friends Service Committee. The answers reflect what the applicant SHOULD hear from the military recruiter.

- How long is my enlistment commitment actually for?

Your enlistment period will last 8 years. Some portion will be active duty and some portion will be reserve duty. Reserve duty can be made active.

- Can the armed forces make me stay longer than my contract stipulates?

Yes, the military has the right to change your contract and extend your service longer than you agreed to.

- Will I be deployed to the Middle East and/or Afghanistan?

Nearly every job is a "deployable" job. If you enlist in the Reserves or the National Guard there is a very good chance that you will be deployed to the Middle East rather than serving weekend duty stateside. Active duty enlistees should also be prepared to deploy. Forces are stretched thin and therefore new recruits should always be prepared to go to war.

- What are the most dangerous military jobs?

In a war zone, there is no job that is safe. Many service members, whose jobs were transportation related, have been killed and injured in Iraq, but infantry related positions are traditionally among the most dangerous.

- What will happen to me if I decide I don't want to be involved in the military after I enlist?

You could put up with it, or risk being court-martialed, receiving a dishonorable discharge, spending time in a military jail, or getting a demotion and reduction in pay. You may also become ineligible for some civilian jobs if this happens.

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