Victory in San Diego!

Posted December 1, 2010, by Rick Jankow

On Nov. 30, the San Diego school board passed a policy to regulate and restrict recruiting in the district's many schools. Nov9-2010SDUnified

It's a policy that applies to all recruiters, including civilian employers, colleges, trade schools and the military, but it's the military that will be affected most. It stipulates:
- no use of the ASVAB unless its under release option 8 (i.e., not for recruiting)
- only two recruiting visits/year
- no soliciting of personal information directly from students
- no disruption of classes or interfering with students
- recruiters must remain at a designated spot and not approach students
- no weapons displays
- equal access for organizations offering alternative information on
military careers
- reporting of policy violations to the school board
- possible banning of recruiting organizations after two violations

You can read more about it, download key documents, and watch video of the two school board hearings that resulted in a 4-1 favorable vote.

This policy was developed over the last year by students, in consultation with Project YANO. The campaign was waged by the Education Not Arms Coalition, which includes students, parents, teachers and community groups. There were no changes in the proposed policy by the school district: it was adopted just as we wrote it.

Note: The policy does not address opt-out because the San Diego district already puts the opt out question on every initial enrollment form and the annual confirmation forms sent to continuing students.

Rick Jahnkow
Project YANO

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