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District 214 opt out statistics

Every year since 2005 we have been requesting statistics on the number of District 214 students that have 'opted out'. This means the student, or their parents, have opted out of having the school send their contact information to the military recruiters.
Here are the results:


Opting Out of the NCLB

Section 9528 of the 'No Child Left Behind Act' stipulates that the school must submit contact information to the Department of Defense unless the parent 'opts out'.

The text of Section 9528 of the NCLB Act follows:


District 214 Compliance

For several years District 214 has complied with this ruling by providing an opt out form in the registration materials. Starting with the 2008/2009 school year registration was done online so the 'opt out' form was a selection.

You can read a copy of the District 214 opt out form.

View the District 214 opt out screen (starting with the 2008/2009 school year) here .

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